One Flew Back to the Cuckoo’s Nest – Huntsman Lobotomizes Self

December 6, 2011

The republican party is now essentially lobotomized on Climate Change – and John Huntsman has decided that he does not want to be known for integrity or independence.

I guess it makes sense. Consistency does not seem to be a requirement for the Republican front runners. In fact, it looks like maleable, love-me love-me flip flopping seems to be what the tea party is looking for in a candidate.

Washington Monthly:

Remember when Jon Huntsman, the so-called moderate of the Republican presidential field, was saying sensible things about climate change? Well, forget it.

Jon Huntsman attended a packed blogger sit down at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro attended, pressing the GOP presidential candidate about his position on climate change.

In August, Huntsman acknowledged the broad body of science pointing to climate change. Seated at an elite conservative think tank, however, Huntsman played a different tune, saying climate scientists “owe us more” information before we can decide if climate change is real.

“I think there’s probably more debate to be played out within the scientific community,” he said.

up until now, Huntsman was known for carving his own path and listening to the science on climate change –

Huntsman boasted, “To be clear, I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

What was “crazy” was thinking Huntsman could thrive in national Republican politics saying sane things about science. Now that the pressure’s on, he’s pulling a Romney, abandoning what he knows to be true, and desperately trying to tell his party’s right-wing base what it wants to hear.

50 Responses to “One Flew Back to the Cuckoo’s Nest – Huntsman Lobotomizes Self”

  1. daveburton Says:

    Roger, most of the “biased sources” that I gave you were NOAA and the PSMSL. Did you bother to even click on the links? Did you look at the 4 sea level trend graphs for Tuvalu, Honolulu & Sydney? Did you look at the NOAA & PSMSL sea level graphs for NOAA’s list of 159 GLOSS-LTT tide stations, and the NOAA-generated trend lines? Did you look at any of them? How many?

    I also find it wonderfully ironic that you accused me of relying on biased sources, and in the very next sentence cite Stefan Rahmstorf!!! (Or maybe that was humor?)

    I also already answered (at least in part) your question about where the melt water goes:

    1. Google “recovery of glacier girl” and think about the accumulation of 268 feet of ice from snowfalls, over just 50 years, on the Greenland Ice Sheet. That’s a lot of water! Where do you think it comes from?

    2. Global average sea level is rising, though at a glacially slow rate. The average from the best tide gauges is a rise of less than 1.2 mm/year, though we don’t really have good enough global tide gauge coverage to properly call that a “global rate.” But even that slow rate of rise takes a lot of water.

    The point is that all the available data indicates that the rate of sea level rise has not increased since at least the 1930s, which means it hasn’t increase in response to anthropogenic CO2.

    Note that “expansion of heated water” from anthropogenic sources is of no consequence. When surface water expands, it rises in place, but since its displacement doesn’t change it has no effect on coastal sea levels. (That’s one of the differences between coastal tide gauge and mid-ocean satellite measurements, BTW.) If deep ocean water warms, it will affect coastal sea levels, but the Atlantic Conveyor runs for something like 800 years, so anthropogenic warming cannot have significantly affected deep ocean temperatures yet, a fact which is confirmed by the ARGO buoys, which aren’t showing deep ocean warming.

    As for your new question, I’ve never received anything at all for my climate-related efforts on the Internet, though I recently received a $250 honorarium for a symposium lecture on sea level. How about you? What support do you get for spreading the alarmist message?

    Oh, and I “who communicates as daveburton” am named Dave Burton, since you are obviously wondering.

    Now that I’ve answered your questions, how about answering the question that I asked you:

    “But please tell me where you find sea level data for Funafuti going back to 1950! The PSMSL only has data back to 1977…”

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