Been There. Done That. Got the (delta) T. Climate Hackers try again.

November 22, 2011

Let’s see, we’ve still got some of those old emails kicking around here. There must be some more of them we can pull out of context and distort. That worked pretty well to confuse the media, just in time for the Copenhagen Climate summit – and there’s that next meeting coming up in Durban…..why not?

So, out of context emails – check.

Loaded on Russian server – check.

Notify the usual denialist nutjob websites – check.

Relax and watch Fox and Friends cover the non-science. It’s Miller Time.
And, sure enough, our first “journalist’ weighs in, James Delingpole, longing for those halcyon days before people found out he was pseudo intellectual hack.

James Delingpole – Uh, Oh, Global warming loons! Here comes Climate Gate II!  –

“..what these emails confirm is that the great man-made global warming scare is not about science but about political activism.”


Now, as then, the release comes shortly before the annual UN climate summit.

The university has yet to comment on the document cache, which is posted on a Russian server.

A text file included with the batch, apparently written by someone involved in the release and headed “FOIA 2011 – Background and Context”, reads: “‘One dollar can save a life’ – the opposite must also be true. “Poverty is a death sentence. Nations must invest $37 trillion in energy technologies by 2030 to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at sustainable levels.”

It then picks a number of phrases from the email batch, whose senders and recipients – if the batch is genuine – include UEA’s Phil Jones and Michael Mann from Penn State University in the US.

Reviews of “ClimateGate” in the UK, of the IPCC, and of Michael Mann’s work by Penn State authorities, have all cleared scientists of fraud and malpractice, although recommendations were made on increasing openness.

The writer of the “FOIA 2011” file claims to have 220,000 more emails, but says he/she will not be releasing them. (PS – well, hell no – the vast majority of the emails don’t contain anything even remotely distortable – not even by Fox News standards..)

I guess the question will be, since the mainstream media gets it now that they were completely punked by this shadowy and now completely transparent gambit – which has since been examined and found to be of no substance by, how many investigations? 7? 8? – are they willing to play the game again – as the planet continues to warm, (2 of the warmest years in the record since the original hack “proved” that AGW was a fraud, and recent further confirmation of the supposedly tampered temperature records), or will they  see through this and begin asking the real question – who is doing this, and why are they slandering the best scientists on the planet?

Most apropos reaction so far comes from the Climate Science Rapid Response Team’s John Abraham:

“While Texas experiences record droughts that cost $9 billion and while the evidence of climate change becomes more clear, the denialists quit discussing the science.  Instead, billionaire oil tycoons continue their personal attacks against scientists. ” 

UPDATE: Joe Romm quotes scientist one climate scientist, this is “Two-year old turkey from Thanksgiving 2009.”


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