The Weekend Wonk: Paul Stamets at Bioneers

November 19, 2011

If you haven’t seen one of Paul Stamets talks, or even if you have, – get some coffee, settle in, and prepare to have. your. mind. blown.

Stamets is a mycologist. Yup, a mushroom guy. That’s all I’m gonna say. You can thank me later.


2 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Paul Stamets at Bioneers”

  1. pendantry Says:

    Everyone who thinks that it’s not a tragedy that we’re destroying the world’s forests at a great rate of knots should watch this.

    There’s clearly disagreement about the correct pronounciation of ‘fungi’, but I think that ‘fun-guy’ is far more appropriate… though where it comes to the patent idea, I’m not so sure about this, myself. Paul Stamets defends his patent filing saying “it’s better for him to have it than Monsanto” — but I’m willing to bet that the original Monsanto didn’t start out as the monstrosity it has become.

  2. adelady Says:

    Not so sure on that, pendantry. My ears certainly pricked up when he first mentioned the issue. But I think he’s right.

    For your point, we have no doubt that Monsanto would misuse any such patent – from our point of view. For Stamets, misuse is merely a possibility. His history and his statements indicate that he’s aware of that and he looks to be conscientious in handling the great responsibility he’s taken on. Remember he’s only got a 20 year lock on it. And that would be long enough to develop some of those non-toxic insecticides he’s talking about. Staying in the game long enough to introduce a new approach to pest management would have a long term effect on the whole toxic chemical industry. A good move.

    I’ve decided to regard his intellectual property pre-emptive strike in much the same way as some groups and individuals treat land purchases. As a way of keeping the land out of the hands of people who would most certainly abuse it. And thereby maintain an ecological or other benefit to land use in the affected area, and maybe beyond.

    Stamets can use the twenty years he’s got to work on these things to have a long lasting impact on agricultural and domestic use of toxic chemicals.

    Let’s face it. The man is brilliant.

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