Meanwhile, Global Emissions set new Record…

November 3, 2011

Environmental Leader:

Greenhouse gas emissions reached their highest point ever last year, making it “extremely challenging” to prevent global temperature rising to dangerous levels, the International Energy Agency said this weekend.

The IEA said that 30.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide were emitted in 2010, up five percent from 2008’s level of 29.3 Gt.

This increase means world leaders will struggle to keep to their goal of preventing a temperature rise of more than two degrees Celsius, described by many scientists as the threshold to potentially dangerous climate change, IEA chief economist Fatih Birol said. The two degree limit was agreed at UN climate change talks in Cancun last year.

“I am very worried. This is the worst news on emissions,” Birol told the Guardian. “It is becoming extremely challenging to remain below two degrees. The prospect is getting bleaker. That is what the numbers say.”

But Birol added that government action could still prevent disaster. “If we have bold, decisive and urgent action, very soon, we still have a chance of succeeding,” he said.

The IEA says that for a two degree increase to be averted, global energy-related emissions in 2020 must not be greater than 32 Gt. This means that over the whole of the next decade, emissions must rise by less than they did between 2009 and 2010.


2 Responses to “Meanwhile, Global Emissions set new Record…”

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  2. Martin_Lack Says:

    5% growth in emissions over 2 years is not good, but the rest of this is old news (although that photo is brilliant).

    Like James Hansen says, our governments have been lying to themselves and to us for years. The only way they could limit climate change to 2 Ceslius would be by making it illegal to extract, transport, sell, buy, or burn fossil fuel – pretty much overnight – and that and a lot more besides isn’t going to happen in Durban or anywhere else.

    It’s time for us all to read-up on the consequences of us getting to 4 Degrees and Beyond (I know what people say about referencing Wikipedia but this page provides a one-stop-shop for nearly everything said at the International Conference on the subject in October 2009)…

    What is it people say, “fore-warned is fore-armed?

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