Global Warming 101: The Greenhouse Effect

October 28, 2011

2 Responses to “Global Warming 101: The Greenhouse Effect”

  1. Martin_Lack Says:


    Thanks for posting this video, which made interesting viewing. However, I’m curious to know just what sort of percentage of Colleges in the US still use blackboards and chalk and why (i.e. it must be out of choice rather than due to being short of money)?

    Can I also take this opportunity to ask if people would consider visiting Wattsupwiththat? and asking Anthony Watts why he has banned me from commenting on anything on his blog? I stupidly kept trying to post one comment without realising that you are not allowed to use the d-word, and I called him an “ex TV weatherman” (factually correct) but, I have been blocked for supposedly being a “fabricating liar“. In reality, so it seems to me, Watts just got tired of having to avoid admitting that he is in denial about being in denial, is a conspiracy theorist, and/or is an indavertent puppet of the Merchants of Doubt.

    Yours hopefully,

    Martin Lack.

  2. […] for the saturated greenhouse effect leaves the likelihood of AGW tipping points in the coldGlobal Warming 101: The Greenhouse Effectvar base_url_sociable = […]

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