“Brown Monday”: Dust Storm over Lubbock

October 19, 2011

EarthSky Blog:

The ongoing drought across Texas has contributed to the increasing numbers of dust storms across this region this past year.  The occurrence of haboobs will likely become common as drought conditions are expected to continue across Texas.

Image below comparing this week’s event to the 1930s.


One Response to ““Brown Monday”: Dust Storm over Lubbock”

  1. sinchiroca Says:

    This is one of the unrecognized costs of climate change. These extreme weather events always do a lot of damage, and they hit so many places that the accumulated costs are enormous. Drought clobbers farmers in one place; floods wreak havoc in another; tornadoes tear of a third place; hurricanes clobber a fourth; dust storms hit somewhere else. The hits just keep coming.

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