Off the Grid with Solar in Ontario

October 1, 2011

One Response to “Off the Grid with Solar in Ontario”

  1. sinchiroca Says:

    The economics of the Ottawa house seem solid: $40K in capital costs is pretty good for a fully-functional house. My skepticism alarm kicked in when they mentioned the biodiesel generator — I wouldn’t be surprised if that thing runs a LOT during the winter. They also didn’t mention how they heat the house; my guess is they’re using propane. Still, the cost of hooking up to the grid can be very high, so I’m sure that this is an economically sound investment.

    The story about the community in Oregon left me wondering what their source of power might be. They don’t mention solar or wind in the report, but I found some information on them on the web, and they say that they run on solar and wind. I zeroed in on them with Google maps, and didn’t see many solar installations. Given the lousy resolution of the Google images, I probably wouldn’t have seen anything small, but it bothers me that I couldn’t find any solar water units on any roofs.

    There are some pretty impressive mansions there; I wonder how many of the places use fossil-fueled generators. My brother had some property in the middle of the Arizona desert and he had a diesel generator installed for power. Odd that he didn’t use solar for that.

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