“Day After Tomorrow” – No longer the Best Dennis Quaid Movie Ever

October 1, 2011

My tongue-in-cheek video “Hollywood does Climate Change” of last year, sparked a mini-war over my assertion that “The Day After Tomorrow”  (above) was the “best Dennis Quaid movie ever”. Well, now that’s all moot.

If you missed “Legion” in theaters, netflix this completely, touchingly sincere, yet utterly wack, armageddon/apocalypse-meets-the-Matrix classic. Imagine if Peter Jackson produced Ed Wood  – with an unlimited budget and good CGI.  I won’t even try to describe the plot – you just have to let it wash over you.


8 Responses to ““Day After Tomorrow” – No longer the Best Dennis Quaid Movie Ever”

  1. You have embedding disabled on your “Hollywood does Climate Change” video, so it doesn’t play.

    However I’ve seen Legion, still think the Day After Tomorrow is the better movie. But that’s because I like the natural disasters movies more than the supernatural kind.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      oops, I think that might be some youtube gremlin that nixes things with lots of borrowed material.
      linked to my vid, and plugged the “Day After” trailer in here.

  2. omnologos Says:

    Can you elaborate on TDAT please? I thought it made quite a good point against contemporary climate catastrophism, as things happen fast and everything is quite self-evident (no quibbles about +0.7C in a century and how many feet of sea level rise by 2100). The director didn’t even spend time in the “mitigation” business, and reduced the horror by pretending the new ice age would leave sea levels as they are now (in one of the last scenes the present-day contours of the Mediterranean for example are identical to any map’s).

    So on what respect would you consider it the “Best Dennis Quaid Movie Ever”?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      If you thought this was a serious post, get evaluated for Asperger’s.
      If you watched my video and listened to my comment, you get it that it’s my sort of sarcastic way of saying it’s a horrible movie from any kind of factual, rational, scientific, artistic, thematic, dramatic, or cinematic standpoint, but definitely a high point of Dennis Quaid’s career, until now.
      There are those who still hold that “Enemy Mine” was the best, and of course, I’m waiting for the remake of “FootLoose’ to come out, so things may change…..

  3. omnologos Says:

    Sorry I meant “the new contours” not “the present-day contours”

  4. omnologos Says:

    Ah…thanks…I can’t watch the video now, will do that asap.

  5. neilrieck Says:

    Re: Legion

    So let me get this straight. An all-powerful and all-knowing god creates angels (including, I suppose, Satan) which decide to go their own way. And then god can’t do anything about it? On top of this, god stands by and does nothing while creation-A decides to exterminate creation-H? Either god isn’t all-powerful and isn’t all-knowing (because he would have foreseen the Satan mistake) or all these stories are just a crock “and religion is a completely man-man cultural expression”

    If the Roman emperor Constantine hadn’t adopted Christianity as a tool to control the Roman citizens, people today would be wasting bandwidth trying to second-guess the mind of Jupiter, Zeus, Osiris, Odin, whoever.

    Now is the time for humanity to get back to using our god-given brains to save the planet.

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