Solar Lighting from Dead Soda Bottles

September 30, 2011

Obviously these insolent Asians have not gotten the memo. They are to wait for a large nuclear power plant to be built near their neighborhood, and a multibillion dollar grid extended into their homes. This kind of uncontrolled creativity could be dangerous, and should not be tolerated.


5 Responses to “Solar Lighting from Dead Soda Bottles”

  1. kokuaguy Says:

    Put this in my facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for featuring it here.
    Mike in Honolulu

  2. Tim Scanlon Says:

    That is just fantastic.

    I’ve also seen old plastic bottles used in countries as a way of purifying water on tin roofs.

  3. sinchiroca Says:

    I couldn’t get the videos to run all the way through, but I was able to get a sense for what they’re doing: plastic bottle skylights. Nice idea. Using the translucent corrugated fiberglas roofing material would be better; I think it costs no more than the metal stuff. It’s not as physically strong, but it would work quite well for their needs. Unless they’re using cast-off metal roofing, somebody could do well by importing some of the fiberglas stuff and selling it to them.

  4. I think the idea of using what they had in abundance in a creative way is the larger lesson, rather than looking for a replacement material. To me it really illustrates the difference in problem solving methodologies.

    This isn’t about giving a fish or even teaching to fish. This is learning from them by asking, How do you fish? We have some pretty heavy shackles of colonialist thought to shake off…

    Super encouraging.

  5. Fantastic idea! Our landscape lights are LED and renewable energy, we are using solar as well. It’s a great use of lighting while being green and efficient.

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