Toronto Star: Southern US Welcomes our New Gelatinous Overlords

September 21, 2011


 As I’ve continued to make clear, I, for one, welcome our new gelatinous Overlords.

The Star:

Blobs of slimy jellyfish are taking over some beaches in the southern United States, the result of a shrinking fish population caused by humans, scientists claim.

“Now that fish are being overfished in a lot of ecosystems, it’s providing an opportunity for jellyfish populations to explode,” said Sean Colin, an associate professor of marine biology at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

“There’s been evidence suggesting that there are more and more jellyfish blooms globally.”

When there are fewer fish, the jellyfish are able to ingest more food as there is less competition for it.

Climate change is also a factor, Colin said in an interview, because fish higher up in the food chain are affected by changing water temperatures and the availability of their food sources.

3 Responses to “Toronto Star: Southern US Welcomes our New Gelatinous Overlords”

  1. otter17 Says:

    Kent Brockman reporting.

  2. Bruce Miller Says:

    Jelly-Fish invasion? Oil in them? Make Compost? Anaerobic digestion of jellyfish yield methane? Top-soil building fertilizers? Can we dry them in the Sun, grind them into fish food pellets? Fertilizer? Pig fodder? Chicken food? Enough with the American styled defeatist talk now! Get lemons? Sell lemon-aid, Goddammit! If they rot, they make biological activity! We can so harness this new and fascinating resource flow, and even exhaust it, that is our way, as humans. Scoop them up, turn Canada green! I like the methane notion if it is even possible, then burn the methane in Honda’s new home heating internal combustion heat and electric extractor plants – domestic size already available, burns propane, methane , natural gas, L.P. gas! sell electricity to grid, keep water warmed by combustion, exhaust and mechanical heat, for home heating! All from the “Tragic” jelly-fish invasion? I wonder.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I’m working on a new product line of manufactured foods, the tentative brand name is:
      “Soylent Clear-gell”.

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