The Weekend Wonk: Naomi Oreskes and the Merchants of Doubt

September 16, 2011

See today’s post on the Tobacco Denial Industry. The same folks that brought you “Doctor’s Prefer Camels” are today bringing you “There is no global warming”.

Below, you can also watch Oreske’s longer  “American Denial of Global Warming”.


7 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Naomi Oreskes and the Merchants of Doubt”

  1. very good interview of Ms. Oreske- there is indeed an intrenched bunch of power hungry plutocrats running this country- too bad we have a President who is afraid to confront them.

  2. otter17 Says:

    Oreskes is certainly a nuanced thinker, and seems to treat such a contentious matter very objectively. She is a model for how to address deniers.

  3. […] The Weekend Wonk: Naomi Oreskes and the Merchants of Doubt […]

  4. Orekes is a merchant of 97 per cent certainty. Given the nature of the hypothesis and recent work casting uncertainty even rejection, Orekes is the mirror image of those she accuses.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      please document “recent work casting uncertainty”.
      remember, the voices in Glenn Beck’s head are not peer reviewed….

  5. […] is based on the disinformation techniques pioneered and developed by the Tobacco industry – Naomi Oreskes does it elsewhere on this page. There’s a lot of footage here of tobacco flacks presenting to media and […]

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