The Weekend Wonk: Dessler vs Lindzen Debate

September 10, 2011

Get that cup of coffee now, and make sure you are comfortable.

What’s worthwhile here is the first part of the presentation, where Andrew Dessler, the noted Texas A&M atmospheric expert, explains, among other things, why climate science is not, in fact, based on models, but in the actual behavior of the planet throughout history.  Warning, there are equations, but listen carefully and Dessler walks you thru them, explaining the rationale.  There will not be a quiz – this is for background only.

Dessler (an adviser to this series) has been in the news in the last week, having published a paper directly attacking denialist darlings Roy Spencer and the above mentioned Lindzen.  Since Spencer had just been humiliated as the editor of Remote Sensing, venue for Spencer’s most recent paper, resigned – saying Spencer’s paper  was so bad, it should not have been published – this seemed like kicking the poor guy when he was down.

Now if you got thru that, and drank entirely too much coffee, — here is Dessler commenting on this week’s paper.


6 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Dessler vs Lindzen Debate”

  1. mrwhylie Says:

    It always makes me laugh. Dr Dessler teaches at TAMU, one of the most conservative universities in the country. I wonder if he ever feels the political heat for his views. It’s really amazing what’s happening down here right now. The drought is on a level I’ve never experienced. Even the most rock-rimmed conservative farmer and rancher is starting to scrath their head. If we have another year of this there will be a lot of coverts to Dr. Dessler’s point of view, but rain would be better.

  2. Since Lindzen and Spencer basically represent the interests of the Fossil fuel industry- with Spencer wanting to ‘protect the free enterprise system’ and tax payers from Government ‘interference’ it seems the question is- is it science or a political agenda as their goal….?

    The ‘science’ from them seems like more of the same misinformation, cherry picking , unsubstantiated claims- that are easily exposed.

    Their work seems misinform the public- and they certainly get full media attention-
    when mainstream science offers something new on climate science these days- the media is strangely absent. Is their a bias here? Seems that way- the question to be asked is this; Who is the ‘Daddy’ of mainstream media.

    Dressler came out quickly and undermined the validity – if there was any in Lindzen’s and Spencer’s phony work- far better then the media.

  3. otter17 Says:

    Hmm, do I want to see the movie Contagion tonight, or watch this? Ah, maybe both.

  4. Do both. Contagion is quite good and is the most realistic science-based portrayal of an outbreak that I’ve seen (I only spotted two small errors, but a real expert would probably find more).

    • otter17 Says:

      I’m no expert, but Contagion was quite compelling.

      Oh, and Dessler does a good job here explaining paleoclimate evidence.

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