“If you are Anti-Science, You are Anti-Jobs”

August 25, 2011

Joe Romm on Countdown gets off some sweet soundbites.

5 Responses to ““If you are Anti-Science, You are Anti-Jobs””

  1. kronocide Says:

    Denier Industrial Complex, brilliant. I’m stealin it.

  2. […] “If you are Anti-Science, You are Anti-Jobs” « Climate Denial Crock of the Week. Share and Enjoy:Written by: Jerrald Hayes on August 25, 2011. […]

  3. otter17 Says:

    “I think they [the Tea Party] are banking on people not actually knowing what the EPA does…”

    Yeah, between that and fomenting mindless anger that for some reason drives political views these days. I guess people don’t have time to figure out what the EPA does before they demonize it.

  4. livinginabox Says:

    “If you are Anti-Science, You are Anti-Jobs”, and anti-American too. Since the US economy relies on world-class technology, it also is crucially reliant on world-class science and world-class scientists.
    The anti-science liars and rabble-rousers and false accusers are the enemies of science the US economy and friends of China, India, Russia and elsewhere. Those who falsely accuse scientists of fraud*, and compromising scientific truth in-order to obtain funding are truly the lowest of the low.

    * Note: This does not include either Dr John Mashey or Deep Climate, who have diligently researched and exposed the genuine plagiarism and falsification of results in the Wegman Report. The WR was cooked-up by FF funded politicians Barton and Whitfield along using a hand-picked team to obtain the ‘right conclusions’ [but not an objective conclusion supported by science or fact] in-order to smear a world-class scientist Michael Mann, a prominent and respected scientist who has been subjected to repeated attacks by the agents of the Denial Industry.

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