Bill McKibben Interview: How Big Denial Keeps us from Connecting the Dots

August 11, 2011

Mike Papantonio talks with Bill McKibben, founder of, about the ongoing denial of climate change coming from the Right.

3 Responses to “Bill McKibben Interview: How Big Denial Keeps us from Connecting the Dots”

  1. witsendnj Says:

    “U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Battles Anti-Bribery Statute”

    from HuffPo:

    “The Chamber’s arguments and proposals were summed up in a 28-page paper released in October by its legal arm, entitled “Restoring Balance.”

    Some observers have pointed out that the proposed amendments to the FCPA also target basic concepts key to establishing other forms of corporate liability, including environmental liability, tax liability, product liability and liability for racketeering, discrimination and so on.

    “I think what they’re really trying to do is push reform that will make it harder for anyone to hold business accountable, period,” Olstad said.”

  2. Problem I have is with the inconsistency in McKibben’s call for action. When Pap. brings up teabagger types spewing junk science at local meetings, McK suggests that we ignore them, treat them as beneath notice; rather we should devote ourselves to networking with like- and right-minded environmental activists.

    A moment later, Pap brings up Chamber of Commerce spewing comparable nonsense, and McK says, “We need to stand up to these people.” But they are the same people, aren’t they? Both the teabaggers and the Chamber are spewing the same talking points, are taking their cue from the same stage managers (Koch brothers, Exxon, etc.). Should we ignore them or confront them? Which is it?

    My own view is that we should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the expression of this climate contrarian nonsense. I don’t mean pass laws limiting the right of contrarians to speak their (tiny) minds, but when they do, answer their arguments with (as the guy puts in “Apocalypse Now”) “extreme prejudice”: nail them to the effing wall. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Expose them for the clowns they are.

  3. Cody Rapai Says:

    I find this video to be filled with way to much partisan view points. This is not helping our cause. It also relies a lot of pointing out weather events, which can’t be said to have occurred because of climate change. The best climatologists can get in terms of weather is increased likelihood and intensity, not single events. I admits that there has been a great deal of frequent and intense weather, but this is just one year. If we ride these disasters too hard and we don’t see much of any other disasters for a few years then people will be calling this year a fluke and the overzealous radio host “alarmists.” If you want to change people’s mind than you should be posting things that aren’t so, right wing bashing (well deserved, don’t get me wrong) and scientifically flawed.

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