Inner City Agriculture

July 24, 2011

Feeding people. Nourishing Neighborhoods. Creating Community.
Revitalizing inner cities. Mitigating “food deserts”. Making our connection to the planet conscious.

Interest and activity in this is huge in Detroit, Milwaukee, and the Midwest. Below, a taste of urban gardens,
California style

2 Responses to “Inner City Agriculture”

  1. NevenA Says:

    Permaculture and gardening in general is definitely one of the answers, maybe even the most important one, to the mix of global problems we are currently facing. I would advise everyone who really wants to walk the walk to get involved in (community) gardening.

  2. Eclipse Now Says:

    Awesome! There are town plans springing up around saving phosphorus as we rush towards ‘peak phosphorus’. Check out this concept — it’s not a permaculture ecovillage, although it incorporates the best of each. It is simply a new way of seeing real estate, with heaps of the great traditional purposes of city life, from Aristotle to now, being considered in the philosophical underpinnings that make up a good village life.

    This is simply awesome, and I was at this TEDx event in Sydney 2009 and met with Claude.

    Check out the Sydney TEDx 2009 talk by Claude Lewenz of the Village Town movement. It’s 20 minutes and third down on the right hand column.

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