Life is Loud. Windmills, not so much.

July 13, 2011

“There is a tremendous amount of fear-mongering going on right now about wind power in Ontario,” said Adam Scott, Green Energy Program Manager, Environmental Defence. “This report aims to introduce some real facts into the debate so that communities can make well informed decisions about wind projects.”. .

From Blowing Smoke: Correcting Anti Wind Myths in Ontario:

“..a small group of anti-wind activists .. have taken advantage of local concern to spread misinformation and fear. They have claimed, with no scientific backing, that there are health impacts. They have claimed, counter to the evidence, that wind power doesn’t work or doesn’t have benefits. They have succeeded in creating a misinformed backlash against wind power that now jeopardizes jobs, investment and environmental progress in Ontario.”

Good backgrounder on anti wind myths.


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