Barton Apologizes to Exxon: “We’re sorry Yellowstone got in the way of your Pipeline. We ask Your Forgiveness.”

July 4, 2011

Ok, it didn’t happen. Probably won’t happen.

But it’s an opportunity to remind people of who climate deniers are, what they do, who finances them, and what they want for the rest of us.

Our Founding Fathers knew these people well.

Happy fourth of July.

5 Responses to “Barton Apologizes to Exxon: “We’re sorry Yellowstone got in the way of your Pipeline. We ask Your Forgiveness.””

  1. Wit's End Says:

    And a Happy Fourth to You, Greenman!

    Here’s a description on the fireworks at the Heartland Institute’s Denial-palooza!


  2. “Barton will continue to fight for the basic traditional rights put forth by our Founding Fathers.” – Joe Barton’s web site.

    “Man had to return to nature what man took from nature.” – James Madison

  3. kokuaguy Says:

    Aloha Peter.
    I found a claim that government subsidies needed for the creation of “green jobs” result in the loss of two non-green jobs in the economy. The comment is by a Huffington Post site user known as William J Unverferth and appears on this story comment thread.
    Unlike many such commenters, William actually responded with sources when asked for them.
    One paper cited is found here:
    Another source supposedly supporting William’s claim is here (I didn’t look at it.)
    Could you email any comments to me at kokuaguy@gmail.com?
    Mike in Honolulu

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