The News from Klickitat County – Wind Power is an Economic Engine

June 15, 2011

The press likes “man bites dog” stories about resistance to wind farm sites, but in fact, the reality is that the overwhelming response to wind energy across the rural US is welcoming – and appreciation of a new revenue source that supports a high quality of life, keeps families on farms, and young people rooted in the community.

I know the “Windbaggers” of the  Tea Party congress have other ideas –  but, I’m old fashioned, I guess I thought these were “family values”.


8 Responses to “The News from Klickitat County – Wind Power is an Economic Engine”

  1. Eclipse Now Says:

    And yet, Denmark remains at 650g Co2 / kwh while France’s nukes are at 90.

    It’s nuclear power or it’s climate change.

  2. The secular-socialist machine obviously brainwashed these townies into believing that their so called “green jobs” are as American as smelting aluminum and milling limber. /sarcasm

  3. kookaburra2 Says:

    The article in the link is not quite correct. e.g. “Australia has no access to large scale hydro” The Snowy Mountain Scheme in Victoria is quite large with a total electrical generation capacity of well over 3000 MW :

    Nuclear power may have to be part of Australia’s short term energy future. But considering the huge areas of the country that have no significant populations an enormous amount of sun it might be wise for it to also consider utilizing this very large resource.

  4. verbal1 Says:

    I’m agnostic on nuclear, but Barry Brook (i.e. the ‘Brave New Climate’ guy) has no credibility with me after his treatment of the Fukushima multi-meltdown. He kept making bold pronouncements about how what was going on was not nearly so bad as what was being reported, how well-controlled it all was…only to be shown wrong in the news from the next day. News which we now know was based on misrepresentations by TEPCO to minimize problems which they already knew to be more severe.

    All of which would be fine…I don’t expect Brook to be psychic or anything, and indeed it’s not like the nuclear accident was about to WIPE OUT TOKYO!!1! or even kill anyone in the short run, as some internet commenters seemed to think. But it was like he just couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that he had been wrong, that the damage was more severe than he thought, or the problems more complicated…he would just re-trench and talk about how rosy the outlook was, possibly acknowledging new facts, but even then not *as* new facts…just casually mentioning them as if already known or otherwise unremarkable, treating it as if it was all consistent with what he thought all along.

    Bottom line, my impression was that he writes as a propagandist, not an educator. He seems to aggressively promote facts that agrees with his agenda, but when they don’t, he will ignore them, or if cornered acknowledge reality but treat it as insignificant, beside the point. Which is that nuclear energy is the (one and only) Savior Of Mankind.

  5. mspelto Says:

    The key aspect of wind power and solar power that makes it so attractive is the capacity for the landowner to partake in some of the profits whether from self-generation or through leasing, instead of just paying the big corporation.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “Feed In Tariffs” have been an important tool in countries that have successfully expanded renewable energy, for exactly this reason.

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