Brain vs Blowhard: Downunder edition

June 2, 2011

Turns out Fox News does not have a corner on ignorance and anti-science bigotry.
Proving that right wing know-nothing bluster and puffery are the same all over the world, this edition of Australian Broadcasting’s Mediawatch shines some light on radio host Alan Jones, and his “fair and balanced” treatment of climate science.

7 Responses to “Brain vs Blowhard: Downunder edition”

  1. Fascinating. Alan Jones makes Rush Limbaugh come across as amiably attached to reality. “Not intended to be factual” commentary is bravely leading us where no one wants to go.

  2. Moth Says:

    Awesome, it’s now onYoutube – I tried to embed it when it was only available on the ABC site to no avail..

    Alan Jones talking over David Karoly is an appalling display is ignorance, isn’t it? It’s like when Monckton was on “Sunrise” early last year – both taking the air of superiority over someone actually trained to discuss the science involved by talking over them.

    The sad thing is, so many people fall for it – so much so that there is a culture growing who scoff at science and scientists (useful for the anti-vax and creationist crowd who have also jumped on the bandwagon… “green dragon” being the first to spring to mind).

  3. otter17 Says:

    That type of interview style makes my blood boil.

  4. sailrick Says:

    Yes, and U.S. GOP blowhard congressmen have been making equally ignorant statements, in congressional hearings.

  5. BlueRock Says:

    “The hypocrisy and gall are breath-taking….”

    Sadly, not any more. Same bull, different sh1tter.

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