April – Seventh warmest on Record, despite cooling La Nina

May 18, 2011

NOAA Update:

The Earth experienced the seventh warmest April since record keeping began in 1880, as the climate phenomenon La Niña continued to be a significant factor. April’s annual Arctic sea ice extent was the fifth smallest since record keeping began in 1979, while the Antarctic sea ice extent was the fourth smallest.

In spite of the cooling influence of La Nina conditions in the Pacific, global temperatures continued to exhibit strong warming.  The development of new El Nino conditions could supercharge warming once again.  According to The National Weather service, the la nina will draw to a close, and “neutral” conditions will begin, and last thru the summer of 2011.

Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to develop during May-June 2011 and continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2011.

During April 2011, La Niña continued to weaken as indicated by increasing surface and subsurface temperature anomalies across the equatorial Pacific Ocean


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