US sinks to 17th in New Energy. China Number 2. Climate Deniers – “Winning!”

May 8, 2011

From AP:

Denmark earns the biggest share of its national revenue from producing windmills and other clean technologies, the United States is rapidly expanding its clean-tech sector, but no country can match China’s pace of growth, according to a new report obtained by The Associated Press.

China’s production of green technologies has grown by a remarkable 77 per cent a year, according to the report, which was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature and which will be unveiled on Monday at an industry conference in Amsterdam.

“The Chinese have made, on the political level, a conscious decision to capture this market and to develop this market aggressively,” said Donald Pols, an economist with the WWF.

Denmark, a longtime leader in wind energy, derives 3.1 percent of its gross domestic product from renewable energy technology and , or about euro6.5 billion ($9.4 billion), the report said.

 is the largest producer in money terms, earning more than euro44 billion ($64 billion), or 1.4 percent of its gross domestic product.

The U.S. ranks 17 in the production of clean technologies with 0.3 percent of GDP, or euro31.5 billion ($45 billion), but those industries have been expanding at a rate of 28 percent per year since 2008.

“The U.S. is growing substantially, so it seems the policy of (President Barack) Obama is working,” Pols said. But the U.S. cannot compare with China, he said.

“When you speak to the Chinese, climate change is not an ideological issue. It’s just a fact of life. While we debate  and the transition to a low carbon economy, the debate is passed in China,” Pols said. “For them it’s implementation. It’s a growth sector, and they want to capture this sector.”


3 Responses to “US sinks to 17th in New Energy. China Number 2. Climate Deniers – “Winning!””

  1. […] Most of the attention in the midwest has been focused on Wisconsin, and its new governor Scott Walker, who seems to hate renewable energy as much as he hates unions and the workers who belong to them. He’s not alone of course, disdain for green jobs,  the workers who might hold them, and anything that runs counter to the fossil fuel agenda runs deep in this generation of tea party republicans. […]

  2. […] if Tea-Party know nothing-ism continues to dominate the energy debate here.  The US has already slipped to number 17 in the world for new energy investment, compliments of the climate denial propoganda […]

  3. […] Tea Party congress hates new energy, hates the idea that the nation could be weaned off its oil dependence, or fossil fuels. They hate renewable energy because their primary sponsors in the fossil fuel […]

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