Gunderson: Fukushima “Not out of the Woods”

April 29, 2011

2 Responses to “Gunderson: Fukushima “Not out of the Woods””

  1. rpauli Says:

    Climate instability will eventually meet Nuke Energy directly.

    Tornadoes have shut down TWO US based nuclear facilities in the last week. A TVA nuclear power plant with 3 reactors was shutdown today, and a plant near Richmond, VA was shutdown last week by a tornado.

    I could not find any statement in the NRC about tornado protection standards required in the engineering of nuclear plants – I asked, and it is still unanswered. Surely there is some standard of robust protection.

    Neither of these tornado strikes was a direct hit on the plant. It is a trivially easy prediction to say there will eventually be an F6 twister that will take the roof off of a nuclear containment dome – like the cap off a bottle of Coke Cola.

    So the question remains to the NRC – Are our nuclear power plants built sufficiently strong to withstand a direct hit by an F5 or F6 tornado? Given the risk potential, we should know the answer.

    When do we discover the answer to this question?

  2. BlueRock Says:

    This source confirms increase of ‘safe’ level of radiation for children: – “The expert was particularly critical of the government’s nuclear radiation exposure limit. His biggest attack was the government limit for children, which he said was 20 times too high in Fukushima Prefecture.”

    The following quote becomes even more poignant in light of this:

    * “…cancer … risks are increased even with the smallest dose of radiation. The so-called permissible dose of radiation, for nuclear workers or for the public at large, represents only a legalized permit for the nuclear industry to commit random, premeditated murders upon the … population.”

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