Unwinding “Hide the Decline”

April 28, 2011

After more than 6 weeks of research and mucking through skull-exploding, mind numbing distortions, contortions, and misrepresentations of this story, I’ve finally finished my video on that most toxic meme  that came out of the enormous nothing-burger called  “climate-gate”  — the phrase “hide the decline”.

Like Obama’s birth certificate, the truth will never make a dent on the committed crazies of climate denial, but I think this is worth watching for citizens, bloggers, or researchers who are trying to get their arms around the story, and appreciate how much the media helped, or hurt, understanding of the issue.

Working on this, plus keeping up with the Fukushima story, has been a huge time sink, but I hope now to get back to more regular video releases.


33 Responses to “Unwinding “Hide the Decline””

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  5. Fille du Fleuve Says:

    I don’t deny climate. It most certainly exists. What I deny is the political-based assertion that eliminating fuel for heat, cooking, and transportation will “save the planet.”

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