Texas’ Driest March on Record in US: Mindbending Sandstorm vid from Downunder

April 9, 2011


This is a few years old, but Australia is showing the way to the Mad Max world of Global Warming.


2 Responses to “Texas’ Driest March on Record in US: Mindbending Sandstorm vid from Downunder”

  1. danolner Says:

    Randomly connected story from Germany today:

    A sandstorm in northern Germany has caused a huge motorway pile-up that killed eight people and injured at least 41 others, police said.

    Strong winds may have carried the sand from nearby fields – one of them freshly ploughed – to the four-lane highway, Werner said. The region has recently experienced prolonged dry conditions, affecting agriculture and leaving many soils exposed to erosion.

  2. I am from Texas, and so of course I am concerned about this. But I don’t know what this chart means. I also see this , and I’m not sure how to interpret this either. (More here

    I don’t deny the general point that climate change has a profound impact on drought, but I just don’t know how to understand the data.

    On the positive side, maybe the presence of droughts and hurricanes will cause Texas to focus more on the economic consequences of bad weather. That increased awareness might lead to more support for climate change initiatives.

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