Solar Windows

April 4, 2011

They’re not coming. They’re here. The video shows one company’s approach.

ZDNet has it:

Pythagoras Energy has signed deals with manufacturers including Arkema, China Sunergy and Flextronics in order to get the new technology to market as quickly as possible.

Gonen Fink, co-founder and CEO of Phythagoras Sola, says the new material should help construction companies bridge the gap between materials that are energy efficient and aesthetically appealing. The material combines insulating qualities, shading and lighting benefits AND, as implied, solar generation features. So, it both blocks the sun to keep it cool inside and captures sunlight to create solar energy. The video below talks about how the technology works:

Below, see how it works, and what it costs.

3 Responses to “Solar Windows”

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    […] Solar Windows – “They’re not coming. They’re here. The video shows one company’s approach…” […]

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