Fukushima Criticality: An Update – April 3

April 3, 2011

I’ve been waiting for some news on this. It seems as if reports of criticality (here and here) at the Fukushima site have dropped into a black hole over the last 48 hours.

Dr. Gunderson has a lengthy background in nuclear energy, and is a credible source, until someone with direct knowledge comes along.

Note: depending on your browser, the vimeo player embedded above may give you a menu of segments to watch. The current one is titled
“Newly Released TEPCO data provides evidence of periodic chain reactions at Fukushima Unit 1”


4 Responses to “Fukushima Criticality: An Update – April 3”

  1. […] WSJournal confirms, and adds, that the unit in question is unit one. That is the unit where the mysterious blue flash has been observed, and criticality may still be in progress. […]

  2. […] March 26, and as a result, may not have reflected some of the more recent developments, such as the apparent “re-criticality” occurring in reactor number 1, as damaged fuel has apparently been sporadically flashing to a fissioning activity, creating new […]

  3. […] Arnie Gunderson’s new update on Fukushima, including an evaluation of the NRC’s latest study on the accident. […]

  4. […] to be temporary and deteriorate rapidly.(which it would normally, but there is concern that the re-criticality at the plant is continuing to produce fresh nuclides – […]

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