The Real Story of the Original Tea Party – From an Eyewitness participant

April 2, 2011

Thom Hartman is one of our most valuable and passionate historians.

Send this one to Uncle Dittohead and Aunt Teabag.

4 Responses to “The Real Story of the Original Tea Party – From an Eyewitness participant”

  1. livinginabox Says:

    What irony!

  2. kiwiiano Says:

    I trust that book is going to find its way to proper care in keeping with its status as a national treasure. ;^)

  3. neilrieck Says:

    It takes a lot of money to run an Imperial Navy so Britain was always looking to increase revenue, and taxing the colonies was “the low hanging fruit”. (See the following link for one of the precursor events)

    One less told detail about the Tea Party of 1773 is this: Like today, the taxes on tobacco and alcohol were collected at the source. The British East India Company had already paid the tax to parliament and could only recover it by selling the tea. When Bostonians destroyed the tea, they caused an additional conflict back in England: the British East India Company demanded a tax refund from parliament but the government was either unable, or unwilling to comply.


    The participants of the Tea Party of 1773 were well educated, literate, well informed, and patriotic (most Americans back them considered themselves loyal British subjects)

    Many of the more vocal members of the TEA Party of 2010 seem to me to be poorly educated, illiterate, poorly informed, and misguided in their hatred of all things government (making them Libertarians rather than traditional Republicans). Hearing them declare “something is unconstitutional”, then listening to their follow-up descriptions of the first, second, sixth, or fourteenth amendments is always somewhat entertaining while, at the same time, a little sad.

    While the Tea people of 1773 wanted “no taxation without representation” the TEA people of 2010 want no government. They would be better off to concentrate on the following:

    1) putting and end to all lobbying of government

    2) putting and end to all tax loop holes (simplified, but not flat)

    3) make the rich pay their fair share. Many in the financial sector only pay 15% (a rate reserved for taxing “your own capital gains” not managing someone else’s)

    4) make all corporations doing business in the USA pay taxes to the USA no matter where their head offices.

    5) force corporations to take more care of their stake holders than their share holders. Since American corporations have a legal status of “person” in the eyes of the courts, it is time they acted like better citizens (pay your taxes, don’t pollute, be a nice neighbor, etc.

    6) cut back on defense spending. Why does the USA operate more than 350 military bases outside of the USA? Why does the USA still have 50,000 troops stationed in Germany and 30,000 in Korea? (These 80k professional troops should Afghanistan rather than the poor sods doing multiple tours out of the National Guard). The USAF is the largest air force in the world so why does the US Navy hold the record for the second largest air force in the world?

    I could go on but these six should be a good enough first start.

  4. danolner Says:

    “There was a tea party event scheduled today for Washington DC, and so few people showed up, that Fox News – which sent a satellite truck and was intending to break into their news with the coverage – gave up and went home.”

    Best thing I’ve heard in ages!

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