CNN: Fukushima Workers Muzzled

April 2, 2011

Anderson Cooper on the distortions, lies, “message control”, and misinformation from TEPCO. Outrage rising in Japan.

8 Responses to “CNN: Fukushima Workers Muzzled”

  1. Translating to Republicanese…

    Graph of TEPCO stock price…

    Joe Romm on the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industry Indemnity Act…

  2. BlueRock Says:

    [delete previous comment please – FUBARed link]


    Talking of muzzling: did you know that the WHO are muzzled by the IAEA? See

    Also, if you’ve been following George Monbiot’s recent conversion to nuke cheerleader, here’s George from 2006:

    * Thanks, But We Still Don’t Need It – “To start building a new generation of nuclear power stations before we know what to do with the waste produced by existing plants is grotesquely irresponsible. … If, as a result of slow leakage into the groundwater, radioactive materials from a burial site kill an average of only one person a year for one million years, those who made the decision to bury them will – through their infinitesimal and unrecorded impacts – be responsible for the deaths of a million people.”

    So, Monbiot is “grotesquely irresponsible” and cheering on the death of a million people according to Monbiot. Strange days.

  3. […] mainstream press, it’s a refreshing jolt of pure populist freakout.  As CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported on Friday, fewer and fewer people are believing anything they hear from the Japanese government, press or […]

  4. […] CNN: Fukushima Workers Muzzled […]

  5. […] If you missed my last post from a Frenchman in Tokyo, go back and take a look at that. Check out Anderson Cooper’s report from last week about Fukushima Workers being Muzzled. […]

  6. […] Gunderson’s charge that the company and government are clamping down on bad news is supported by the reporting of just about all the journalists on the scene, including CNN’s report last week of TEPCO workers being muzzled. […]

  7. […] last point again emphasizes what CNN reported last week, that Plant workers and  their families have been warned to keep silent on actual conditions at the […]

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