March 28: New Footage of Fukushima – Extensive Damage, Leaking water, Rising vapor

March 28, 2011

New Aerial footage from the Japan Self Defense Force, taken Sunday, March 27.

There are a number of  disconcerting images here, including

• vapor continues to be emitted from several of the reactors

• much closer view of the extensive damage to the buildings where explosions have occurred.

• at reactor number 3, the crain used to transport nuclear fuel assemblies appears to have collapsed into the nuclear fuel pool, making fuel rod damage almost certain.

•  at 2:20 in the video, we are shown what appears to be the “lid” of the containment vessel in the number 4 reactor, lying on its side in a pile of debris.

Engineers, weigh in.

More footage, with Japanese narration, below the jump


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