Thom Hartman: What we know now

March 19, 2011

As of friday, anyway.  Useful informed discussion. Thom is bright and pretty careful – I think he needs to caveat the “plutonium is the most dangerous element on earth” meme – there are a number of qualifications to that statement.

CBC had the best images of the water cannon hosing down the hot reactors. Have had trouble uploading that video, so here’s a still.

3 Responses to “Thom Hartman: What we know now”

  1. Beam me up Scotty Says:

    I think this is largely BS. Time will tell.

  2. KeenOn350 Says:

    Like Scotty, I think there’s quite a bit of exaggeration in a lot of this interview session.

    In the interests of balanced reporting, I refer readers again to other well-informed opinions at Brave New Climate. He has one or two very interesting updates daily.

    Specifically, regarding possibilities of the extensive damage to fuel rods in #4 spent fuel pond he refers to this from ABC in LA-

    As to the possibility of a zirconium fire in the SNF ponds, this seems unlikely. Zr has a very high combustion point, as illustrated in video produced by UC Berkeley nuclear engineers. They applied a blowtorch to a zirconium rod and it did not catch on fire. The demonstration is shown about 50 seconds into this video. The temperature was said to reach 2000C

    He has an interesting assessment here in this video interview – One Plus One – Fukushima’s legacy. I

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