Ann Coulter: Radiation is Good for You

March 19, 2011

Just so I can’t be accused of not presenting fair and balanced news.

Radiation, according to Fox, is good for you. Tell your radiologist, no need to duck behind that wall when he x-rays you next time. In fact, might even help his tan.

Here,  Fox news veers into Art Robinson territory, with his views on “hormesis”. (sprinkling radiation around is a good thing…)


5 Responses to “Ann Coulter: Radiation is Good for You”

  1. rpauli Says:

    Whoa there Peter, if you want to represent the other side then “Where is the evidence that radiation even exists!?!?”

    It is invisible, tasteless, there is no evidence it even exists unless you use complex instruments to “measure it” The measuring stations are mostly government run and are rarely calibrated. Who makes these radiometers? I suspect a conspiracy.

    Hmmm … sounds familiar.

  2. “… than what the government say…”
    “…scientists are saying this, but not getting media attention…”
    It doesn’t matter what the field is, the “experts” and “well informed” on Fox, who seem to be at odds with the “establishment”, all use the same buzz words.
    “At 9 – what the government doesn’t want you to know! Stay tuned!”
    I don’t know why more Americans aren’t inclined to shoot their idiot box when they hear this kind of stuff.

  3. A “stunning number of physicists” who would have an opinion about health as a function of radiation dosage would be any number greater than zero.

  4. News of the Now: Wingnut Unable To Distinguish Causation From Correlation. Pictures at eleven.

  5. […] first I heard of this was Peter Sinclair’s post Ann Coulter: Radiation is Good for You, which Andrew Bolt has mindlessly parroted off. I’d like to see these character show some […]

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