Climate in a Nutshell Part 4

February 21, 2011

One more in this series, which I think, taken together, makes and excellent primer for bright young people, or, say, English majors.

I almost feel sorry for Monckton, he is taking such a beating these days, that very soon no one will want to be seen on the same platform.

Given his consistent ability to bring the crazy,  I hope we can hold that day off as long as possible.

For those that missed my own Monckton vids, they are below.

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His Benevolent and Serene Lordship Christopher Monckton’s best attempts at legal intimidation did not stop BBC from airing a film that for the first time, examines the blueblooded blowhard and his loyal followers at some length.

Also, worthwhile interviews with climate scientists like Kevin Trenberth, and Monckton critic John Abraham.

Part one above. More Below:

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Another in the “Nutshell” series, which is a vivid and accurate way to describe climate science in simple terms to
young, or even not so young, people.

Potholer on Monckton Bunkum

February 18, 2011


I’m going to give away a strategic secret.
Climate activists cheer whenever Christopher Monckton elbows his way onto the stage with climate denying scientists like Roy Spcncer, or whenever pathetic misguided politicians or tea party buffoons hold him up as their resident expert.

His pattern of dishonesty, bizarre claims, and overall lunacy make him the perfect face of the climate denial movement – one that perpetually reminds the viewer of the anti science crowds deeply crazy roots.

This is a fantastic series of non-technical, lively explanations of climate issues.  I’ll be posting the whole series of 10 or so over the coming week.


Former climate skeptic Stu Ostro is a senior meteorologist at the Weather Channel. In the video above from a year ago, he explains his journey from legitimate skepticism to acknowledging what the science is telling us.

Recently, he dissected the lessons of this winter’s wild weather in a blog posting. Here are some highlights:

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If today’s computer chips were the same size and cost as they were in 1975,
Apple’s iPod would cost $1 billion and be the size of a building.

From the American Energy Innovation Council.

Click for larger Image

From the American Energy Innovation Council.

Climate Denier economics.

Pennies for Research on renewable energy.

Trillions for this.

Sorry. I know it’s not considered polite to remind them of who they are, and what they do, but this still makes me furious.

Last week I posted a clip from Fox News illustrating the depth of ignorance that is gumming up our political process, and how powerful political forces seek not only to take advantage of that ignorance, but are hard at work to create more of it, through the media organs of Fox News, the Right wing talk radio swamp, and the anti science blogosphere.

This clip of House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday’s Meet the Press brings it full circle.  David Gregory asks Boehner about the same clip that I posted, and whether he felt it was his job as leader to actively dispel ignorance, bigotry, and misinformation among his fellow congressmen, and among republican voters.

Boehner calmly answers that it’s “not his job” to tell people what to think.

Check the shocked, shocked! look on Boehner’s face (at about 1:37) after Gregory asks if that isn’t “playing it fast and loose..”

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