It’s spreading.

The infectious spirit that Tim DeChristopher brought to the climate movement is moving others to examine what they can do in their lives to make clear the importance and urgency of action on climate change. In the week leading up to his trial date on monday, we’ll continue to examine how a lobbying movement morphs into a social movement

A teacher tells her story….

Ok, I finally got this one right.

Here is the National Climatic Data Center has released the January 2011 global temperature results. (mark this page – it’s a great one to refer to from time to time, and will help you win a lot of bar bets..)

The combined global land and ocean surface temperature anomaly for January 2011 was 0.38°C (0.68°F) above the 20th century average, resulting in the 17th warmest January since records began in 1880. Separately, both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere land and ocean temperatures were also 0.38°C (0.68°F) above the 20th century average, resulting in the 21st warmest January for the Northern Hemisphere and the 15thwarmest on record for the Southern Hemisphere.

From the Guardian:

For the time being, (President Obama’s Science Advisor ) Professor Holdren faces a more sceptical Congress than he would like, and one that proposes a series of congressional hearings to assess the science of climate change.

Professor Holdren says he is relishing the opportunity.

“Any objective look at what science has to say about climate change ought to be sufficient to persuade reasonable people that the climate is changing and that humans are responsible for a substantial part of that – and that these changes are doing harm and will continue to do more harm unless we start to reduce our emissions.

“If Congress wants to have a series of hearings to illuminate these issues, they are going to get illuminated.”

Sounds like a challenge.

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Recent interview with Tim DeChristopher. See the rest at SolveClimate.

How much does this remind us of what is going on in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Wisconsin?

In a longer statement, below, De Christopher outlines the difference between a lobbying movement and a social movement, and invites you to his trial…

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Part 3 of 4.

Here’s Part 1

Here’s Part 2

John Abraham’s brutal demolition

and below, again, the Climate Crock takedowns.

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Ten years in prison? Your career? Or just your permanent record?

From Rising Tide:

A little over two years ago, .. Tim DeChristopher put it all on the line when he entered a federal auction and derailed it so that oil and gas companies could not destroy one of the most beautiful and unique areas on the planet.

Posing as a legitimate bidder, the then 27 year old student bid on, and won, the rights to thousands of acres of federal land, which, as it turns out, surround and abut some of the most incredibly beautiful, dreamlike landscapes on the planet, at Arches National Monument.

According to Buzzflash:

Tim DeCristopher … threw a monkey wrench into an anti-conservation U.S. Bureau of Land Management auction of federal lands for oil and gas development in Utah. In fact, DeCristopher is just a university student, but he decided that it was time for creative action.

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I certainly get it that this series is way too elementary for the folks who read and post here – but I think it’s well done, and perfect for a younger audience, so I want to give it as much of a push as I can.

At what point will the few remaining Republicans who can read and write stand up and say, “Enough – this is utter nonsense, and I won’t be part of it any more.”

Since I consider the degradation of news and information to be one of the Greatest Threats to the Planet, this is obviously going to be a continuing series.  Does anyone have a good idea for an acronym or shorthand for the Right Wing Noise Machine? (RWNM is hard to pronounce)