Tim DeChristopher: Laying it on the Line

February 23, 2011

Recent interview with Tim DeChristopher. See the rest at SolveClimate.

How much does this remind us of what is going on in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Wisconsin?

In a longer statement, below, De Christopher outlines the difference between a lobbying movement and a social movement, and invites you to his trial…

Come to my Trial!

3 Responses to “Tim DeChristopher: Laying it on the Line”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Planet3.0, Peter Sinclair. Peter Sinclair said: Tim DeChristopher: Laying it on the Line: http://t.co/8L62Wd3 […]

  2. Daniel LaLiberte Says:

    More people laying it on the line:

    Tim DeChristopher got me fired – Lindsy Floyd

    Bill McKibben in support of Tim DeChristopher

    Terry Tempest Williams on Tim DeChristopher

    Some back history, with Amy Goodman, April 2009
    Hot Utah student faces 10 years in prison for land auction.

  3. […] The infectious spirit that Tim DeChristopher brought to the climate movement is moving others to examine what they can do in their lives to make clear the importance and urgency of action on climate change. In the week leading up to his trial date on monday, we’ll continue to examine how a lobbying movement morphs into a social movement… […]

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