Tim DeChristopher Got me Fired…..

February 23, 2011

It’s spreading.

The infectious spirit that Tim DeChristopher brought to the climate movement is moving others to examine what they can do in their lives to make clear the importance and urgency of action on climate change. In the week leading up to his trial date on monday, we’ll continue to examine how a lobbying movement morphs into a social movement

A teacher tells her story….

2 Responses to “Tim DeChristopher Got me Fired…..”

  1. bluecloud9 Says:

    Now this is interesting.

    I am now in a similar position for teaching some of my students about sustainability. Seems some of their parents saw this as a threat to their kids future careers.

    Don’t step out of line folks, don’t teach anything that threatens the status quo.

  2. otter17 Says:

    A freakin’ elective… let the teacher and kids do what they want with an elective, barring illegal activity.

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