John Holdren’s BBC Interview: Anti Science Repubs to “get illuminated.”

February 23, 2011

From the Guardian:

For the time being, (President Obama’s Science Advisor ) Professor Holdren faces a more sceptical Congress than he would like, and one that proposes a series of congressional hearings to assess the science of climate change.

Professor Holdren says he is relishing the opportunity.

“Any objective look at what science has to say about climate change ought to be sufficient to persuade reasonable people that the climate is changing and that humans are responsible for a substantial part of that – and that these changes are doing harm and will continue to do more harm unless we start to reduce our emissions.

“If Congress wants to have a series of hearings to illuminate these issues, they are going to get illuminated.”

Sounds like a challenge.

Climate Scientists are tired of getting sand kicked in their faces. They are getting organized, and making a stand for the truth that 150 years of careful work has shown, that must be understood if our children are to inherit a planet that can sustain life.

Ben Santer showed how to stage a proper beat down in November, as evidenced by this video:

3 Responses to “John Holdren’s BBC Interview: Anti Science Repubs to “get illuminated.””

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  2. […] In hearings before Rohrabacher’s committee in November, 2010, Dr. Alley schooled the distinguished gentleman on, among other things,  the nonsense climate canard “There’s Warming on Mars, Just like on Earth, so it must all be caused by the sun.” Apparently, the lesson didn’t take, and Rohrabacher was repeating it this month while harassing the President’s Science Advisor, John Holdren. […]

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