“Meet the Skeptics”: Monckton Fails to Stop BBC Close-up

February 20, 2011

His Benevolent and Serene Lordship Christopher Monckton’s best attempts at legal intimidation did not stop BBC from airing a film that for the first time, examines the blueblooded blowhard and his loyal followers at some length.

Also, worthwhile interviews with climate scientists like Kevin Trenberth, and Monckton critic John Abraham.

Part one above. More Below:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

9 Responses to ““Meet the Skeptics”: Monckton Fails to Stop BBC Close-up”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Varsha and Larry Oliver, Planet3.0. Planet3.0 said: “Meet the Skeptics”: Monckton Fails to Stop BBC Close-up http://goo.gl/Zi4Pz […]

  2. kronocide Says:

    The film was, if anything, sympathetic to Monckton. I’d rather they spent an hour going into concise detail on all his deceptions.

    Though they probably didn’t ever have any visions or desires to do so, the Santers and Abrahams need to maintain a public persona and speak clearly. They have excellent demeanor and modulated tone, and with sound science, are the antidote to the denier lobby and their zombie victims. Scientists probably want to just do their science and not engage in politics but it is necessary.

    We all need them, and the Greenmans and Potholers too.

  3. otter17 Says:

    Well done. I would have liked to have seen less of a focus on Monckton, but he is indeed one that plays a fairly sizable role in the skeptic movement.

  4. sailrick Says:

    Gallows on Capital Hill

  5. sailrick Says:

    In case you were wondering what I meant, I meant gallows for the intentional deceiving of the public and congress by the fossil fuel industry funded and manufactured, global warming denial agenda. Monckton has been debunked dozens of times. You could write a book, nay a volume of books, on the deceit of this man and the many times he has been completely debunked. Like most of the denier spokesmen, he is good at talking and sounding scientific. Its all BS.

  6. sailrick Says:

    Take the time to watch this video. It is well worth your time.


    Professor John Abraham, of St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN, examines a presentation Monckton made at a universtiy.

    As Joseph Romm comments, “you rarely sees such a thorough debunking of an anti-science disinformer as this astonishing point-by-point evisceration put together by John Abraham”

    To learn more about Monckton’s absurd psuedo- science and claims, see here.

    A whole series of articles debunking his Lordship. By the way, did you notice the emblem displayed on all Monckton’s charts etc, during his presentations? The one with a crown atop a chained gate? That’s his immitation of the official emblem of the British House of Lords, who have asked Monckton to stop claiming he is a member.

    Monckton Myths – a one-stop-shop for Monckton misinformation


  7. […] Monckton also failed to block a BBC investigation which cast a critical eye on his activities, here. […]

  8. […] the entire BBC programme here on the Climate Crocks website: Meet the climate sceptics – a film by Rupert Murray. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Passwords: […]

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