Potholer on Monckton Bunkum

February 18, 2011


I’m going to give away a strategic secret.
Climate activists cheer whenever Christopher Monckton elbows his way onto the stage with climate denying scientists like Roy Spcncer, or whenever pathetic misguided politicians or tea party buffoons hold him up as their resident expert.

His pattern of dishonesty, bizarre claims, and overall lunacy make him the perfect face of the climate denial movement – one that perpetually reminds the viewer of the anti science crowds deeply crazy roots.

16 Responses to “Potholer on Monckton Bunkum”

  1. bluecloud9 Says:

    Yep, Monckton is a perfect figurehead for an insane group of criminals.

  2. Oh dear, aint that Lord a funny person!? More videos like this, especially on fridays after hard days week. Finland says YES (to Hollywood)!

  3. BlueRock Says:

    That was good. Particularly liked that he looked at Thatcher’s auto-bio to see how Monckton’s claims compared to Maggie’s version of events… you just knew that his lordshipness was being as ‘creative’ with his claims on that subject as all his others.

    Listening to Monckton describe his role in Maggie’s government you’d have thought he was permanently attached to her right shoulder, explaining how to run the country!

  4. michalchik Says:

    You are welcome peter 😉

  5. sailrick Says:

    For more on the many Monckton myths see the series of articles at Skeptical Science.

    “Monckton Myths – a one-stop-shop for Monckton misinformation”

    at skepticalscience.com

    This is who Republicans brought to a U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment hearing as an expert witness. Energy and Commerce Committee Minority Ranking Member Joe Barton (R-TX) referred to Monckton, in his opening remarks, as being generally regarded as one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable, experts on the skeptic side.

    Then, in May 2010, U.S House Republicans chose Monckton as their only expert witness for a hearing at the Select Committee On Energy Independence and Global Warming

    Monckton will tell you the earth is cooling, then that it is warming for some reason other than greenhouse gases. Then he will tell you that industrialization helps biodiversity and warming will be good.

    Watch the video of Professor John Abraham taking down a presentation Monckton gave, point by point. Physicist an blogger Joe Romm commented on it thus.

    “The number of errors Chris Monckton makes is so enormous it would take a thesis to go through every single one of them…. Nonetheless, you rarely see such a thorough debunking of an anti-science disinformer as this astonishing point-by-point evisceration put together by John Abraham, an engineering professor at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN”

  6. sailrick Says:

    Sorry, I forgot the link for the John Abraham -Monckton debunking.


  7. sailrick Says:

    Here’s the other link I forgot. Actually, I forgot I wasn’t posting at YouTube, where you apparently can’t use links.

    Monckton Myths – a one-stop-shop for Monckton misinformation


  8. sailrick Says:

    more fun with Monckton

    “Monckton Jumps the Land Shark”
    Gets Eaten

    “Barry Bickmore, a professor of geology at Brigham Young University. “”The moral of the story is not that amateurs should stay out of the debate about climate change,” writes Bickmore, who noted that he is a geologist rather than a climate scientist.”

    “Rather, the moral is that when you see a complete amateur raising objections about a highly technical subject, claiming that he or she has blown the lid off several decades of research in the discipline, you should be highly suspicious.”

    He was involved with the effort to have Al Gore taken to court in Britain, to challenge Gore’s movie being shown in public schools, demanding that “The Great Global Warming Swindle” be shown in schools also, if Gore’s movie was allowed. The judge allowed the showing of “An Inconvenient Truth”, with the caveat that a few uncertainties about impacts were mentioned. He saw no reason to show “The Great Global Warming Swindle” to children. But skeptics go around claiming that a judge in England condemned Gore’s movie. More proof to them, that AGW isn’t real.

  9. sailrick Says:

    Monckton’s claim to nobility has long been suspected of being false. That was recently confirmed by an inquiry to the British House of Lords, who said:
    “Christopher Monckton is not and has never been a Member of the House of Lords. There is no such thing as a ‘non-voting’ or ‘honorary’ member.”

    Despite this, Monckton has insinuated himself to the U.S. Congress as some kind of emissary from the British Parliament. “Greeting from the Parliament of Great Britain”, or some such nonsense, is how he presented himself to Congress.
    He likes to embellish his temperature graphs and such, press releases, etc. with a very close approximation of the crowned portcullis, (a crown over a gate) symbol of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. You might have noticed that in the video.

    He’s balmy, I tell ya.

    He is a real slick showman who is constantly on the campaign trail spreading his psuedo science, and who lies, twists and distorts the science and is a complete fraud. Among real climate scientitsts he is something of a joke. He is considered one of the least credible of skeptics and that is saying a lot. Scientists consider him a joke, but are aware of the danger of men like this to the public’s understanding of science. He is clever and knows how to persuade an audience, unlike most real scientists, who aren’t very good at public speakng and being persuasive.

    Thats my opinion of course. Monckton likes to take anyone who criticizes him to court. Or at least he threatens to.

  10. otter17 Says:

    Lord Monckton is an insane hypocrite and coward. He threatens legal action towards people that criticize him, yet accuses people like Al Gore and Dr. Schneider of lying without any evidence.

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