Trailer: The Climate Change Movie for People that Don’t Believe in Climate Change?

February 14, 2011

Is Carbon Nation the climate change movie for people that don’t believe in climate change?

Is that a good thing?

From Reuters:

A new movie on climate change, called Carbon Nation, debuts this week. It’s positioned as the anti-Al Gore climate change movie. Basically, you don’t have to believe in the science of climate change to watch the movie and want to support clean power and greener transportation.

While I’m not supporting ignoring science, there’s clearly been a growing movement around re-marketing climate change over the past few months, and I think that’s generally a positive move. In President Obama’s State of the Union Speech, he called for 80 percent clean power and touted green businesses, but didn’t state the issues of climate change head on, much to the dismay of environmentalists.

But clearly, the climate change coinage isn’t working all that well. A year ago, the now-infamous Gallup poll found that almost half of Americans thought the threat of climate change was exaggerated. And as The Daily Show‘s John Stewart has spoofed so well, there’s been a lack of successful federal energy policy over the past eight Presidents. From the Obama administration’s perspective, why play into American skepticism? Instead, focus on the economic benefits of a green economy

That’s essentially what Carbon Nation is shooting for: not to guilt people into caring about climate change, but to generate interest in the economics of green business. The movie features interviews with former CIA, now VantagePoint Venture Partner, James Woolsey, as well as theNew York Times‘ Thomas Friedman and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers. Will the movie catch on in circles where An Inconvenient Truth hasn’t?

The first sentence in the trailer is good: “Climate Change is indeed a National Security Issue.”  I tried to make the point myself in two videos that featured senior military and intelligence officers talking about the grave impact of climate change as a “threat Multiplier.”

Without a doubt, people respond to positive incentives better than to dire predictions. But somewhere, you do have to listen to what the science is telling us.

I’ll probably watch the film. Interested in what others think.

3 Responses to “Trailer: The Climate Change Movie for People that Don’t Believe in Climate Change?”

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  2. Thanks for the news. I plan to arrange a movie field trip with “conservative” friends, followed a newly de-dorkified explanation of climate science at a nearby bar. The focus group’s probable reaction is best illustrated by Joel Pett…

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