Alex Loorz – “We Need a Revolution”

February 12, 2011

Alec Loorz, a high school sophomore at El Camino High School in Ventura California, founded the non-profit organization, Kids-vs-Global-Warming when he was 12 years old. He is a filmmaker, a graphic designer, and a community activist passionately resolved to awaken youth to action on the most pressing issue of their lifetimes.

Inspired by Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, Alec felt compelled to reach his peers by creating his own multi-media presentation. Over the past two years, he has reached over 12,000 youth and adults with his message, “Our generation is the one who will be most affected if nothing is done about global warming, so we need to be the ones leading the movement to bring change. Our voices do matter.”

A powerful and inspirational speaker, Alec has led workshops, given presentations, been keynote speaker and served on panels with PhDs, experts and professionals. He has addressed diverse audiences from school children to college students, green builders and environmental activists to politicians and UN delegates, urging adult leaders to integrate the voices of youth into their climate change discussions and the youth, themselves, to raise their voices.

After giving his own youth-focused presentation over 30 times, Alec was invited by Al Gore to be trained to give the official Inconvenient Truth slide shows. He is currently the youngest trained presenter.

One Response to “Alex Loorz – “We Need a Revolution””

  1. hawaii596 Says:

    This sort of inadequately researched unscientific rhetoric just makes me sad. It isn’t mad, as Alex Loorz is so young. I feel badly for him believing this. Certainly taking good care of the world we live in is important. If big, beautiful whales are in danger of extinction we should certainly save them; but lets give human life as much value. It is a sign of emotional or psychological problems to be cruel to a pet dog, but they are animals and should be respected as such (and not equivocally with humans). And as for the so-called “Global Warming,” I would only say to the young people who I respect highly their desire to positively change the messed up world they live in, that they should look for good science and respond intelligently.

    Do some homework, and you will learn that “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore is not at all scientifically based (it isn’t good science). Read the evidences and learn of the vastly, rapidly growing large number of climate scientists who after thoroughly studying Global Warming have agreed that it isn’t scientifically based.

    I have great respect for the desires of our youth, and so I put these thoughts in such a positive tone primarily to encourage them to continue to fight for what is right, and make a difference. But I plead with you young generation to dig beneath the hype put forth by the likes of Al Gore who are in it for profit; and dig up the scientific facts. You will find that perhaps we are in a climate cycle and still recovering from the little ice age of the middle ages, that it appears we may be at the beginnings of the next cooling period, that the oceans are not rising, the as the northern ice caps are shrinking the southern ice caps are growing, and many other things that will quite simply refute “Global Warming.”

    Read the FACTS on climategate of East Anglia University. Read some of their emails and don’t listen to the hype. Find the most knowledgeable scientific minds and ask probing scientific questions.

    Certainly there are REAL climate issues. Nuclear Power plants should be safe and built in good seismic locations. We need clean drinking water. We need to burn less fossil fuels, and INTELLIGENTLY begin to seek new renewable fuels before fossil fuels run out. But common sense must prevail.

    Ask the probing questions as to why Obama would go to Brazil and encourage them to drill more even though we have far more untapped petroleum resources here than they do. I contend it is hypocrisy. It is to cater to his political supporters.

    And ALWAYS, young people, listen to ALL sides of all stories. Don’t ever take for granted to listen to one side and believe it. Be cynical. Use those intelligent minds that you have. Don’t take on mob mentality and blindly follow.

    Don’t decide causes based on emotion, but on good science.

    I’m so upset about the iMatter Marches (with all due respect), as it appears that good science is nowhere to be found.

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