Harrison Schmitt: Environmentalism is Communism

February 8, 2011

If you care about your children’s future, if you believe other species have a right to exist, if you believe that clean air, clean water, and a livable planet are the minimum that we can pass along to our heirs, then you are now, and have always been,  a communist.

That’s the message from New Mexico’s new chairman of Natural Resources, former Apollo Astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt.

Another famous Jack

An Op-Ed page war over Schmitt’s crackpot science broke out in the Sante Fe New Mexican last week, and the climate denial chorus, including the tobacco and petroleum fueled Heartland Institute, where Schmitt is a board member, rushed to defend his extreme views. Schmitt was the topic of this week’s Climate Crock video, for his dishonest use of cherry picked statistics to claim that Arctic Sea ice extent had “returned to 1989 levels”.

Now, scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data center have weighed in. Since NSIDC data was part of the discussion, they felt that clarification was needed.

Senior NSIDC Scientists Mark Serreze and Walt Meier signed the message, which ever-so-politely suggested that Dr. Schmitt was smoking crack.

Regarding Mark Boslough’s Jan. 25 My View, “Climate-change deniers ignore science,” and in subsequent responses, there was discussion of Harrison Schmitt’s statement in 2009 that Arctic sea ice had recovered to 1989 levels. Since data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center were cited, we feel it worthwhile to clarify the issue for readers.

Sea ice conditions can vary from month to month, but overall we see the continuation of a strong downward trend. You can read our 2009 season analysis at http://nsidc.org/news/press/20091005_minimumpr.html.

While 2009 Arctic sea ice extent did briefly exceed 1989 levels in April and May, it was substantially less than 1989 the rest of the year. The 2009 maximum extent, minimum extent, and annual average extent values were all well below 1989. Based on these facts, it would be incorrect to suggest that 2009 represented a recovery of Arctic sea ice to 1989 levels.

NSIDC posts the most recent data and regularly updated analyses of conditions at _http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/._

end quote

The most important measure of ice is not “extent” in any case, it’s total volume – shown here:

Dr. Schmitt has apparently melded Tea Party politics with cold war fanaticism and an ferocious anti-science bias.  With more appointments like this, New Mexico will be well on the way to becoming an technological backwater of the new energy economy.










10 Responses to “Harrison Schmitt: Environmentalism is Communism”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bob Ashworth, Peter Sinclair. Peter Sinclair said: Harrison Schmitt: Environmentalism is Communism: http://t.co/m25DGyG […]

  2. Beam me up Scotty Says:

    Well, if you recognize that everybody owns the air, water and other natural resources, you might see what’s bothering him.
    He wants private ownership of everything!

  3. kronocide Says:

    Gone are the days where we laugh off stupid stuff wingers and crackpots say. The next thing you know they become mainstream.

    Schmitt should be incessantly scorned for his intellectual laziness.

    Oh, and I guess I’m a commie to.

  4. bgood2creation Says:

    Have he and his fellow conspirators fessed up to the moon landing hoax yet? How are we supposed to believe him?

  5. […] There’s been a lot of discussion about Schmitt’s pseudo-science going on lately. For a lot more (over half a dozen recent stories), including a response to some of his claims by scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data center, check out: Harrison Schmitt: Environmentalism is Communism. […]

  6. rpauli Says:

    Will it be the Climate Commies versus the Carbon Combusters?

  7. […] Climate Denier Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, who was recently nominated to head New Mexico’s Department of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, has turned down the position. Schmitt had recently come under scrutiny for his statements denying the reality of man-caused climate change, and his claim that environmentalists are a part of a global communist conspiracy. […]

  8. bobchewie Says:

    my fabourite rw drooling numbnuts site is


    whoever runs this site is convinced their are reds under everyones bed, what pisses me off is his crappy stuff about UK NHS of which
    A: he’s never been to the UK and B: he gleans his crap from every rightwing idiocy site most of which are hugely discredited
    if i was to write a bogus article about KGB soldiers in the corridors of Britains hospitals , he’d add it..

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