Funniest. Denier. Posting. Ever.

February 3, 2011

The comment threads of the Climate Crocks YouTube series are a unique portal into the quantum strangeness of the climate denier subculture – a tea party that would have Lewis Carroll spewing darjeeling out both nostrils.

But now, a new bar has been set.

Even in the face of truly stiff competition, it’s not even close. Until further notice, this is officially the funniest posting EVER to the Climate Crocks YouTube site.


Find me a Full professor of Atmospheric science or climatology that thinks global warming is a real Conservative (sic) who also…
1) Always votes republican
2) Carries a gun.
3) Believes in God.
4) Has big muscles.
5) Eats meat
You can’t.
All you can find is dwarfed democrats that are womanly.
That is because global warming is political and religious and not at all science.
There is an attempt to cloak it in science. But it does not fit.


Dude. That’s poetry  –
this guy should write for The Onion.

11 Responses to “Funniest. Denier. Posting. Ever.”

  1. Great spot Peter! lol

  2. Tony Sidaway Says:

    A new career opportunity beckons for retired Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  3. livinginabox Says:

    “Find me a Full professor of Atmospheric science or climatology that thinks global warming is a real Conservative…..”

    Someone isn’t playing with a full deck!

    I think this particular loon needs to go back to his padded cell.

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  5. Let’s be fair to the guy. I tend to take people who tote guns more seriously, too.

  6. Beam me up Scotty Says:

    The fella has some insecurities about his masculinity for sure!

  7. TDAR1405 Says:

    I’m calling troll on this. It must be a joke. I think. (Please say it’s a joke.)

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  9. benmillstein Says:

    Part of the curious element here is his assumption in his last couple sentences that real scientists would be so manly. “Real” scientists are like a father figure to him. He can’t picture one that is a woman, effeminate, or, god forbid, vegetarian…

  10. sailrick Says:

    Perhaps he can find what he’s looking for among the 3% of climate scientists who are contrarians.
    Apparently, real men are all funded by the fossil fuel industry.

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