“The Skeptics”: Monckton Tries to Block BBC Broadcast of Investigative Film.

February 1, 2011


According to John Abraham, “..this deserves wide attention.”

The ever litigious “Lord” Christopher  Monckton attempted to block BBC’s broadcast of an independent filmaker’s investigation of the global climate denial movement.  The Judge threw it out.

Haven’t seen the film yet, the trailer looks interesting.  If Monckton doesn’t like it, it must be good.

For the record, Abraham is the scientist Monckton says looks like an “overcooked prawn”.

Abraham. Prawn. Monckton. You decide.

Click below for Monckton’s spittle flecked rant on the crazed conspiracist Alex Jones show:


12 Responses to ““The Skeptics”: Monckton Tries to Block BBC Broadcast of Investigative Film.”

  1. rpauli Says:

    Careful, Monkton’s goals are clearly not to prevail in science.

    Monkton is after great public attention. Of course he would respond. Monkton is getting just what he wants.

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  3. marvinthesheep Says:

    This is a little old, but still funny:)

    News in RAP – A debate between Monkton and Gore..

    The latest Rapnews are excellent too, about US foreign policy and freedom of speach.

  4. bobinchiclana Says:

    The programme was good. A bit like racists, the more you hear their rants and see their stupidity they do, slowly, condemn themselves. Monckton is starting to sound threadbare and Delingpole is just sounding more and more stupid.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      Overall, it’s good,but I had some serious issues with some of the framing.
      most importantly, the narrator accepts the notion that dealing with
      climate change “curtails freedom” – or that we would have to ‘give up democracy”– when in reality, exactly the opposite is
      Since for many deniers, this meme is their primary motivation, above and
      beyond any scientific proof or doubt, accepting that as a given is
      counterproductive. This just fuels the tea party conspiracy theory.
      I think he could just as well have spent more time explaining
      how the Monckton and others got the science wrong.

  5. BlueRock Says:


    I watched it last night. It was good – maybe not as hard-hitting as one might wish for until the very end.

    The bulk of the program involved watching Monckton peddle his nonsense to audiences (most of whom were eligible for bus passes), interspersed with a few statements from scientists contradicting his claims.

    At the end of the program Monckton is skewered:

    Dr David Archer, U. of Chicago, et al: “…Monckton’s statement is ridiculous … key scientific assertions were without merit based on a thorough misunderstanding of the science of climate change”

    Monckton is shown towards the end, sitting on his own next to the loch where his house is… a lonely figure… while the narrator reads out the scathing responses of scientists to his claims.

    The final part shows Monckton on stage stating that the IAU claimed the sun was to blame for warming – he is then challenged and denies saying that – then back to him repeating the claim on stage. He is pushed and eventually admits he “made a mistake”.

    He’s then given a few seconds to respond because he was not happy with the content of the program – a rambling monologue about “climategate agenda … scepticism is prevailing worldwide … believe no one…”

    It finishes with shots of extreme weather events and notes that 2010 was one of the hottest years on record, England had coldest December on record while Greenland had record highs, Queensland had worst floods in history.

    Not bad, but not the total blood-letting that could have been performed on Monckton and the “sceptics”.

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  7. kronocide Says:

    You are exactly right Greenman: that we are giving up freedom to continue to dramatically alter the planet shows a lack of understanding of what the concept of freedom really is. Ask people from Bandladesh and other low lying areas about their freedoms in about 50 years.

    I can’t find a working link to the movie, it say ‘not available in your area.’ Hopefully you’ll post when available?

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