Part 2 – Climate Science and S. Fred Singer

I think that today, there is a new kind of battle.
It’s not just a clash of ideas, but whether people actually trust science.
One of the most vocal arguments currently raging, is about climate science.

Dr Paul Nurse, head of the Royal Society, looks at the ongoing war on science, with a major focus on climate.

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Graph of the Day

January 26, 2011

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The graph above from Marika Holland at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) compares the most well known projections of arctic sea ice melt from the IPCC, with what the sea ice is actually doing. (red)

It’s  now clearer than ever that, at least for his very important metric, climate science has not been able to keep up with the accelerating pace of change in the real, natural world.

Climate change is here. We’re doing it. The consequences are dire. We need to stop.

Concept cars come standard at the Detroit Auto show, and most of them are blue-sky visionary platforms that don’t make much of a ripple in what you and I actually see on the road.

The ie:3 is hopefully, different. It’s an all-electric demonstration model from Johnson Controls, which is a leading manufacture of battery and electrical technology.

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The Greatest Extinction event in Earth’s history, “The Great Dying” that killed almost every living creature some 250 million years ago, was a greenhouse event, brought on by volcanic eruptions that burned thru great deposits of coal, and created a perfect storm of toxic clouds and warming gases.

Science Daily:

Researchers at the University of Calgary believe they have discovered evidence to support massive volcanic eruptions burnt significant volumes of coal, producing ash clouds that had broad impact on global oceans.

“This could literally be the smoking gun that explains the latest Permian extinction,” says Dr. Steve Grasby, adjunct professor in the University of Calgary’s Department of Geoscience and research scientist at Natural Resources Canada.

The new research, published in Nature Geoscience, built on previous research linking prehistoric extinction events to warming from volcanism. With colleagues Dr. Benoit Beauchamp, a professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary, and Dr. Hamed Sanei, they probed unusual layers of  organic material at Buchanan Lake in northern Canada.

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Thank God We avoided the Carbon Tax….

We’ve noted that the Empire State building has undergone an energy efficiency retrofit – this video gives more details and shows how the process can apply to any older building in the world.

In this video, you get a clearer picture of why energy efficiency is such a great job creator.  In fact, an analysis at the University of California recently found

“Aggressive EE (energy efficiency) measures combined with a 30% RPS (renewable portfolio standard) target in 2030 can generate over 4 million full-time-equivalent job-years by 2030 while increasing nuclear power to 25% and CCS to 10% of overall generation in 2030 can yield an additional 500,000 job-years.”

Remember, energy efficiency programs create jobs in every community, not just one, and not, like a new power plant, for just 1 year, or 2 or 3, but on a continuous basis. And the skills needed range from high to entry level.  Anyone that can swing a hammer, dig a hole, or bend metal can be part of this program and make a career of it without moving from the community where they live now.

ABC News has broadcast several recent reports that suggest they get it on climate change.

What they, and anyone educating about climate, have to understand – is that climate deniers do not welcome the truth, in fact, Deniers have an adversarial relationship with reality, and will do whatever they can to confuse, obfuscate, and fog the facts. Reporters and educators have to present with that always in mind.  The report above is factual and laudable, but leaves the door open for denialist paranoia and mischief.

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Smart Grids will be a key part of the high efficiency, renewable future. Here’s how.

Diving Under the Pole

January 23, 2011

Stranger and more delicate than any computer generated imagery – this short teaser film documents the efforts of polar explorers in a world that is both hypnotically beautiful and brutally lethal.

The expedition was aimed at exploring the world under the ice, measuring ice thickness in critical areas, as well as documenting the physiological effects of the environment on divers.  The documentary will be aired in the US by National Geographic sometime in 2011.

Real scientists pushing the envelope in an unknown environment – to bring us real information about the universe we live in. What a concept.  Try to imagine Lord Monckton or Glenn Beck suiting up for this.