Empire State Building: Repaying Energy Retrofit in 3 years

January 24, 2011

We’ve noted that the Empire State building has undergone an energy efficiency retrofit – this video gives more details and shows how the process can apply to any older building in the world.

In this video, you get a clearer picture of why energy efficiency is such a great job creator.  In fact, an analysis at the University of California recently found

“Aggressive EE (energy efficiency) measures combined with a 30% RPS (renewable portfolio standard) target in 2030 can generate over 4 million full-time-equivalent job-years by 2030 while increasing nuclear power to 25% and CCS to 10% of overall generation in 2030 can yield an additional 500,000 job-years.”

Remember, energy efficiency programs create jobs in every community, not just one, and not, like a new power plant, for just 1 year, or 2 or 3, but on a continuous basis. And the skills needed range from high to entry level.  Anyone that can swing a hammer, dig a hole, or bend metal can be part of this program and make a career of it without moving from the community where they live now.

2 Responses to “Empire State Building: Repaying Energy Retrofit in 3 years”

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