Diving Under the Pole

January 23, 2011

Stranger and more delicate than any computer generated imagery – this short teaser film documents the efforts of polar explorers in a world that is both hypnotically beautiful and brutally lethal.

The expedition was aimed at exploring the world under the ice, measuring ice thickness in critical areas, as well as documenting the physiological effects of the environment on divers.  The documentary will be aired in the US by National Geographic sometime in 2011.

Real scientists pushing the envelope in an unknown environment – to bring us real information about the universe we live in. What a concept.  Try to imagine Lord Monckton or Glenn Beck suiting up for this.


3 Responses to “Diving Under the Pole”

  1. mspelto Says:

    Notice the layer of ice that the diver settles onto well below the surface layer. That is strange indeed.

  2. fabxl99 Says:

    see also (in french) with a set of videos: Thalassa “on a marché sous le pôle”

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