Plug-In PSAs

December 30, 2010

Plug-in America, an advocacy group, has produced a series of PSA spots promoting the advantages of electric and  plug in hybrid vehicles.

Not bad.

more below —


2 Responses to “Plug-In PSAs”

  1. Alteredstory Says:

    These are fun, thanks!

  2. otter17 Says:

    Haha, saw these the other day. Plug-in America’s website is a pretty good resource if you are thinking about buying an electric car.

    I often ride my bicycles to work and around town, but I’m thinking a Nissan Leaf might be a good investment to hedge against high oil prices in the near future.

    I thought CNN had a good topic going for a while on their “Parker/Spitzer” show. It was titled “$5 per Gallon Gas by 2012”. I thought it would be a real discussion on oil reserves and production capacity for the near future, but it ended up just being a call for more domestic drilling. They talked with former Shell CEO John Hofmeister who sounded like an unbiased guy at first, but then blamed America’s foreign oil dependence on our hatred of drilling. I am doubtful we could offset our 15 million barrels per day in imports with ANWR, coastal California and the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe we could, but for what, a few years tops? It would be nice to have some real transparency and discussion concerning our oil reserves.

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