Global Warming. It’s just that. Global. Ask Bill Nye.

December 29, 2010

Latest image from the Physical Science Division of NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab.

You are looking down at the north pole.  Note the temp scale, which is a scale of ANOMALIES, meaning, is it WARMER THAN or COLDER THAN the same day in an “average year”, defined as the average from 1968 to 1996.  It’s clear that, while the eastern US and parts of Eurasia are cold, the Arctic continues warm. The anomalies are not as strong as a week ago, but still unmistakeable.

Click for NOAA page

The pattern is like having the refrigerator door open, cold air pours out of the arctic,  and the fridge warms as milder air is drawn in.

The Denialists are of course making the best they can of this, just as they did last year, when a similar situation applied.

Rachel Maddow assessed the situation then, with a video that still largely applies this year – interviewing everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye.

Since I’ve been getting steady inquiries on what’s up with the cold weather in the UK and Eastern US, here are the relevant posts in order:

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“Winter is Cold, so there’s no Global Warming”

“Fridge Door Remains ajar”

“White Christmas in Southeast. Heatwave in Hudson Bay”

“The NAO is Stuck”

“Potholer on the New Ice Age”

3 Responses to “Global Warming. It’s just that. Global. Ask Bill Nye.”

  1. livinginabox Says:

    Bill Nye is saying what I’ve been saying for some time.

    I think we need to really hammer home the anti-American aspect of science denial. The US is dependent upon world-class science for its world-class technology. But the deniers are undermining the public’s trust in science. And the next generation of scientists are being trained now. The US won’t be able to in the future rely upon recruiting scientists from overseas. India and China are training scientists as hard as they can. As Stephen Chu revealed the US has already fallen behind China in terms of high technology manufacture. And the US has a home-grown anti-science movement – hate mail, death threats etc.

    I think the anti-American approach has the potential to really stir-up public rejection of the denialistas.

  2. […] leaving out this part of the story, that cold air is pouring out of the arctic, like an open refrigerator, and in turn, warm air is moving up into the arctic, ABC leaves a gap for deniers to exploit. […]

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