Potholer on “The New Ice Age”

December 19, 2010

Two new Climate Crock videos coming soon – keep checking back this week – in the meantime….

Potholer54 covers the recurring nonsense about “new ice age” that arise whenever we have a cold snap in Europe. The movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, of course, was based on the idea that global warming could collapse the Gulf stream, and put Europe into a deep freeze. Potholer explains why this idea does not hold much currency, at least, in the short run….

There’s a fascinating discussion at RealClimate of recent claims of  impending “worst winter in 1000 years” that have been circulating in the denialosphere. It’s a perfect case study of how pure unadulterated BS gets amplified by the usual suspect outlets and websites and enters talk radio and watercooler conversations that start with “I heard scientists are now saying…..”

See also, “Birth of a Climate Crock”..below..

Of course, climate deniers have long held to the myth that, “In the Seventies, All the Scientists Predicted an Ice Age”.  That was my Crock of the Week a year ago.

In the seventies, “All scientists said we were going into an ice age…”

Birth of a Climate Crock

4 Responses to “Potholer on “The New Ice Age””

  1. Jorge Cham adeptly describes the science news cycle with a comic strip…


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