James Hansen on Runaway Warming

December 16, 2010

Dr. James Hansen is, of course, NASA’s lead atmospheric scientist.

No need for me to add anything.
A longer presentation is after the jump.


7 Responses to “James Hansen on Runaway Warming”

  1. danolner Says:

    Great 5 min video. Question: I can’t find a particular link, but I’m sure I remember reading general skepticism about the possibility of a runaway greenhouse effect. Does anyone have any links to hand on this? My interweb googly skills are letting me down…

  2. greenman3610 Says:

    you are correct, there is skepticism on this point.
    Don’t have a quick link available.
    But runaway or not, 5, 8, or 10 degrees of warming will bring
    unheard of catastrophes for human beings.

  3. danolner Says:

    Indeed. A link from the Guardian today on desertification. A quote:

    “Since the early 1980s, a quarter of the planet’s land has been despoiled and 1% a year continues to be lost… ‘The world is driven by city dwellers: political leaders are setting agendas to satisfy people who live in the cities, we therefore tend to perceive soil as just dust, or mud, or a dumping place. But if we don’t preserve that first 20cm of soil, where will we get our food and water from?’ “

  4. danolner Says:

    Apols for the multiple posts, I always forget something. Just to offset the misery of the last post –


    Only five minutes; the amazingly cheering take-home message = with some simple earth-works as a foundation, scrubland ended up not only producing food, but being moist enough to develop its own fungi. Hope is not lost!

  5. greenman3610 Says:

    great link.
    I can do multiple uplifting posts with this.

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